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Current Projects

National Watershed Development Programme for Rain fed Area (NWDPRA)

NWDPRA has been in operation in the state since VIII plan period. Which has been modified and restructured initially during 1992 and then later during 2002 by the Govt. of India


Karnataka Community-Based Tank Management Project

The Government of Karnataka is currently restoring many of the minor irrigation tanks in Karnataka through a community-based approach in which villagers are given the opportunity to improve their tanks and maintain them independently


Environmental Sustainability through Watershed Approach (UPS Foundation)

The project aims to optimize moisture retention and reduce soil erosion, thus maximizing productivity and minimizing land degradation and enhancing conservation of environmental resources. Improved moisture management will increase the productivity


Integrated Watershed Management Program (IWMP)



Repair, Renovation and Restoration (RRR) of Water Bodies

The ministry has launched the Pilot Scheme for ‘Repair, Renovation and Restoration” (RRR) of water bodies as a State Sector scheme with domestic budgetary support. The present scheme is implementing 7 districts of Karnataka covering    envisages rejuvenation of 174 tank systems (water bodies) spread across 24 taluks of 7 districts covering estimated command area of 28,129.66 ha. 





SAMPOORNA - Link Worker Scheme

In India more than 57% of the estimated HIV positive persons are living in rural areas.  Considering the evidence of rural risks and vulnerabilities to HIV and the over-burdened rural health functionaries, NACP III has designed the Link Worker Scheme (LWS) to provide HIV prevention, referral and follow-up services


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